About us

Hello and welcome to CQ Cufflinks

Please have a good look around.  I hope you find something you like but if not please do come back as we are extending the ranges constantly ….. Or, better yet, let me know what you would like to see. Many of our designs have been created because customers have asked ‘do you do?’.

CQ Cufflinks began quite by chance when my husband, Steven, a serving RN Submariner for 30 years, wanted some Ships Crest cufflinks.  Because he couldn't find any available that were good quality and reasonably priced we found a British jeweller and got some made for himself and several shipmates.  They proved to be so popular that before long we thought up new designs and started our online shop.  Gradually it’s grown and we now offer over 20 individual designs as well as a bespoke service.  

As well as a Merchandising Licence with the MOD (no. DIPR1ME0226) we are proud to have been granted a licence from the Royal British Legion to produce and sell their trademarked two petal poppy design.  Many of the poppy designs now on offer have been requested by our customers so, as I said before, if we don’t do the one you want please let me know.